Friend: one attached to another by affection or esteem; one that is of the same nation, party, or group; one that favors or promotes something (as a charity); a favored companion
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From the Desk of Byron L. Broussard

I believe that God has called me to speak to the nations of the world. I also believe that He has blessed me with certain gifts and tools to serve Him in this way. We have made the first step by launching the Shake the Nations broadcast on radio and television. I’m writing you to begin a lifelong partnership. We are working toward these goals, our radio and television broadcasts are already on the air, and we are expanding our efforts. The cost of media increases daily; therefore, it is imperative that I embark upon this opportunity now. To begin there are some immediate costs to be met such as producing at least six (6) months of programming in advance, the purchase of additional lighting and production equipment. Our material and presentations are powerful. Media can bring them into the homes and workplaces of people who often do not visit churches. You can help to make this happen. Agree with me in prayer and consistent financial support. God will do wonderful things because of what you do. Partner with me now by committing to support the ministry each month. I’m writing this personal note to gain your personal support.
Please make checks payable to: Love Life Ministries

In Peace and Power,
Byron L. Broussard


These two levels contribute on a monthly basis.
Soldier $30
Warrior $100

These two levels contribute on an annual basis. The seed must be completed within 30 days of registration in order to maintain this status.
Knight $365
Ambassador Beyond $365

Soldiers and Warriors will receive the mug and window cling.
Knights and Ambassadors will receive, in addition to what the 1st two levels receive, a 1st edition STN t-shirt, prefered seating at conferences, a personal letter from Pastor Broussard, and a free LLM product.

Byron Broussard
Shake the Nations
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