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Product Price List
First Love CD's $15
Pastor Broussard's first CD project captures his gift of song in live worship at The Love Center as well as in the studio.

Filling The House $15
Based on Luke 14:23, this three part series will give you boldness and expand your way of thinking to make you a sonsistently effective witness for Jesus Christ.

Laws of Stewardship $20
This series will give you principles to handle your prosperity


Stability Series $10
These messages highlight the purpose of living right in order to be an effective witness for the kingdom.

Preaching CD's $8

Single Audio Tapes $5

"Shake the Nations" CD's $5

From Ichabod to Ebenezer $10

Failure the Womb of Success $10

Just Brothers & Just Sisters Series $10
Hear powerful messages that were given after life changing retreats for men and women.

Men, Women, children Series $30
This tape series taps into some touchy areas so that "order" will replace the "cahos" in homes all over the world.

T-Shirts $20

Please call our office for orders: 404-761-8642

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